At The Epic Bike Shop, we are passionate about bicycles, that's what you'd expect from a bike shop! Right? But we take it a step further, we believe in the bicycle's ability to take you on a journey to discover yourself, find new places and meet new people.Riding a bicycle is more than just racing, it's about sharing the experience and your war stories. That's what fuels us.

The Epic Bike Shop is located in Plumstead and was established in 2004. We started our small shop to offer specialist servicing to cyclists. We pride ourselves on service and expertise. We offer expert wheelbuilding and speciality carbon repair. If it's broken, we can fix it. We are able to service all suspension forks in-house, which is unique as we are one of the few shops that do it in-house. We have been building custom bikes from day one, and we mean custom, from custom fork and frame spray jobs with decals and anodized finishing parts to integrate well with the chosen colour scheme, even as far as getting custom pivot bolts done on certain suspension bikes to discern them from the "off the shelf" ones. We offer bike fitment and suspension tuning, as well as a large variety of accessories and parts for you and your bikes.

WE HAVE MOVED: From our old location at 39 Constantia Road to new premises at the junction of Constantia and Main Road Plumstead. 2nd Floor above Suzuki South/PG Glass. It will be directly in front of you if you drove straight over main road from where we are now! We are getting bigger and better, expanding into the road scene and retailing some new exciting brands. The new shop opened on the 1st of March 2014.